Normal garage with grey concrete floor


Our business began when it was noticed that many garages have become storage units rather than garages.  Garages can be so much more and don’t have to be a place you dread opening your garage door because someone might see the clutter.  Garages can also be a great extension to your home by becoming a place to escape to do hobbies and projects or get away from things.  Just imagine a flat screen TV, a nice comfy chair and a small fridge filled with your favorite beverages…did I forget to mention “Man-Cave”?

Large trailer for storage while concrete floor coating application is being applied

Also because of our background in the construction business, we know that concrete is a big expense and investment for home builders and ultimately the home owner.  Our concrete flooring covering will protect and add value to all plain, grey, concrete floors.  It will protect the concrete from stains and chemicals that normal porous concrete will absorb.  Our concrete covering will also add life and style to an ordinary grey concrete floor.  You won’t have to worry about stains, whether you have them now or in the future, and you will be able to keep a brand new look to your floor even after mud and gunk find their way to your garage floor.  Just a simple sweeping or mopping and you will be back to a brilliant shine and clean look.


The process to getting the garage you always wanted

Finished concrete floor coating

We have a large, enclosed trailer for your use to load your garage belongings into for safe storage.  We can also supply a dump trailer that can be used to haul unneeded stuff to the dump.  Then you choose what floor covering application you want to use on your concrete.  We come in with a grinder to prepare the concrete to accept the polyurea product.  This is a dust-free process…no dust will billowing out of your garage while we are grinding a layer off of the concrete (plus we like to keep our lungs healthy).  Depending on the size of the garage and how artistic you want us to be with the polyurea application, you will be using your garage within 24 hours after applying the polyurea material.  After this is done, you can decide on what storage solutions you want to use in your garage to keep it free of clutter and organized to your liking.  Add some garage art and BAM…you have the garage you have always dreamed about!!

Are you building a new home?

close up concrete flooring

Close up view of tan vinyl chips

This is the BEST way to plan for your dream garage! You will be keeping 


Newly built home with a dream garage

your garage space need, clean & organized before you even move in!  

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